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General Ticketing Policy 

Last updated on 8 April 2022


These general ticketing policies (“General Ticketing Policy”) govern the purchase of the ferry tickets and such tickets as notified by SCHB Engineering Services Sdn Bhd, The Management of Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal (“The Management”, “we”, “us”, “our”) from time to time (as the case may be) (collectively “Tickets” or, each a “Ticket”) by a passenger (“Passenger”, “you”, “your”) from either a ferry company, a boat company, or such company as notified by us from time to time (as the case may be) (collectively “Vessels” and each, a “Vessel”) on Jesselton Point’s website at Jesselton Point E-Ticketing System https://eticketing.jesseltonpoint.com.my/ or www.jesseltonpoint.com.my or our mobile application and/or such platform made available and/or notified by us from time to time (collectively “Platform”). To clarify, The Management of Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal does not manage or control the Vessels.

 Before purchasing any Tickets from us, you must read carefully this General Ticketing Policy and all other terms and conditions and policies pertaining to the use of the Platform including but not limited to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (collectively referred to as “Jesselton Point Terms and Conditions”). By agreeing to the purchase of the Tickets, you agree to be bound by Jesselton Point Terms and Conditions and any amendments to the foregoing issued by us from time to time. If you do not agree to Jesselton Point Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy, you are advised not to purchase any Tickets and access and/or use this Platform.

1. Purchase of Tickets & Payment

1.1 All selling of Tickets on the Platform is on a “first come first serve” and on “as is” basis. We may make reasonable efforts to furnish the details of Vessels, including but not limited to the type of Vessels provided, seating plan and/or onboard facilities (“transportation details”) to you. However, we shall not be held liable and responsible should any details of the Vessel Operator is inaccurate or not up to date as a result of a change of transportation details by the Vessels.

1.2 There is a possibility of failure of booking if the booking of Ticket is made in less than 24 hours from the scheduled departure date. In such event, any payment made to us will be refunded to you accordingly subject to eligibility.

1.3 All prices shown at the payment info section on the Platform constitutes of the final purchase price of the Tickets. The breakdown of the prices includes but not limited to (i) the base fare to the destination, (ii) the terminal charges, (iii) insurance charges, (iv) applicable taxes, and/or (iv) any applicable admin fee and charges, payment gateway surcharges and/or services fee and charges.

1.4 Under exceptional circumstances, you are required to settle the full payment with the Vessel Operator directly. In such a situation, you are obliged to follow the payment instruction set out by the Vessel Operator or The Management including but not limited to any surcharges and admin charges associated with the payment. In any event, where a dispute arises between you and the Vessel Operator in relation to the above described, we, as an independent moderator, will settle the said dispute amicably.

1.5 Payment can be made by the payment methods made available by us. Payment methods shall not limit to Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Online Banking, e-Wallet and such other methods as notified by us from time to time.

2. Confirmation of Booking

2.1 Prior to payment, you are advised to confirm all the information including payment details. Once payment has been made, it shall be deemed as final and conclusive. In such an event, NO REFUND or whatsoever will be made by us to you. If you are under the age of 18 or the legal age for giving consent hereunder pursuant to the applicable laws in your country (“legal age”), you must obtain permission from your parent(s) or legal guardian(s) to proceed with the payment of the booking. If you are the parent or legal guardian of a minor who is creating an account, you must accept and comply with the terms herein stated on the minor’s behalf, and you will be responsible for the minor’s actions, any charges associated with the minor’s purchases made on the Platform. If you do not have consent from your parent(s) or legal guardian(s), you must stop using and/or purchasing from this Platform.

2.2 Once payment is successful, an order summary (may include e-ticket) of the Ticket purchased will be forwarded to the email address that you indicated during your booking and/or at the point of payment. The email address used must be valid, accurate and in the correct and unabbreviated form.

2.3 Unless otherwise made available by us, all order summary and/or e-ticket delivered shall ONLY be in digital form. You may be required to print out the order summary and/or redeem the same at the ticketing counter at the terminal and/or at such designated counter as notified by the Vessel Operator prior to your departure.

2.4 Please take note that the purchase of tickets is subject to the issuance of the tickets by vessel operator in accordance with your purchase. As such, you may not receive your ticket and/or booking confirmation immediately upon payment. We shall not be held responsible for any failure to issue tickets by the vessel. We apologise for the inconvenience, and a refund will be given should the booking fail.

3. Delay, Reschedule and Cancellation by the Vessels

3.1 In any circumstances if we have been notified by a Vessel Operator that the ticket details such as schedule, pick up and/or drop off point has been amended, changed, cancelled and/or revised for any reason whatsoever (“changes”), we will notify you through our website at www.jesseltonpoint.com/info, the ticketing counter or any official medium by The Management and, if applicable, will provide reasonable alternatives for you. We will not be held responsible and liable for any changes occur end.

3.2 You are advised to arrive at the terminal, checkpoint and/or at such waiting area as notified by us or the Vessel Operator at least thirty (30) minutes or at such arrival time as advised by the Vessel Operator time before the scheduled departure time. You are to ensure that all requirements for a smooth departure have been duly completed including but not limited to identity verification, custom clearance, baggage check in and etc.

4. Requests for Change, Reschedule and/or Refund

4.1 All Tickets purchased are non-refundable, non-transferable, non-exchangeable and non-cancellable. All requests for change, reschedule and/or refund (full refund or partial refund) of the purchased Ticket by you is subject to the applicable regulation and approval from the Management of Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal. All decision made by the Management on any request of amendment, change, cancellation, reschedule and/or refund is final and conclusive.

4.2 Refunds are only granted when there is a delay of more than six (6) hours from the scheduled departure time and cancellation of trip by the Management or any authorized local authorities including Sabah Parks as the management of Taman-Taman Sabah due to weather and/or safety concern. The refund amount shall be limited to the fare of departure ticket only.

4.3 All refunds request under clause 4.2 should be submitted on our official email at refundjpets@suriaplc.com.my or official ticketing portal at www.jesseltonpoint.com.my within fourteen (14) days from said travel date. The refund process may take up to fourteen (14) to thirty (30) days. The refund will be processed through your account on our portal. A notification will be sent to you via email.

4.4 Pursuant to clause 4.2 where a request for change, reschedule or refund of the tickets is made, we can will, at our sole discretion, charge you an amount of fee being the handling fee of your request. Fees and surcharges incurred at the time of making or amending a booking are non-refundable.

4.5 We will not be held responsible for any tickets that are lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed. No refunds and replacement will be made in respect of these.

5. Usage of Ticket

5.1 All Tickets are subject to its own terms and conditions including but not limited to baggage allowances as imposed by the Vessels from time to time. You are advised to read the terms and conditions upon purchase of the Tickets and/or to seek clarification from the Vessel. We shall not be responsible nor liable for any fees which arises in relation to the use of the Tickets by you as stated herein.

5.2 You must check and verify the latest schedule no later than twelve (12) hours before departure as the scheduled departure and/or arrival times may change significantly without prior notice. You are solely responsible for checking-in on time, regardless of any schedule changes.

6. Passenger’s Responsibility

6.1 You are to ensure that all the passenger information, including but not limited to passenger’s first name, last name, passport/ID number, contact information must be authentic and consistent between the official document and the online form passenger filled in on the Platform while

purchasing the Ticket. The Management or Vessel Operator has the right to reject issuing any ticket, boarding pass or deny boarding if the names submitted via the online booking form and the names printed on the passenger’s ID/passport are different. Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal is not liable nor responsible for any losses or costs occurred for the above-mentioned situation.

6.2 You are to ensure that you have purchased the appropriate insurance coverage and protection for your trip and/or the Ticket. In no circumstance will Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal be held liable to you for any financial losses, damages, personal injury and/or death pursuant hereto.

6.3 You are to ensure that you have verified and confirmed the Ticket, including the pick-up/drop off location with the relevant Vessel Operator before departure.

6.4 You are to ensure that you have verified the payment details and have obtained the relevant approval and/or permission from the appropriate parties such as guardian before payment of Ticket.

6.5 You are to ensure that you are abiding by the advices and instructions by the Vessel Operator from time to time in relation to the Ticket including but not limited to waiting period at the relevant immigration offices.

7. The Management Responsibility

7.1 Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal is merely providing an online ticketing booking platform and does not control and/or manages the Vessel.

7.2 Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal will be making a reservation of booking of Ticket from the relevant Vessel Operator and once the reservation is confirmed by the said Vessel, we will then proceed to deliver you with the Ticket. Therefore, there is a possible chance of failure of reservation and/or booking.

8. Limitation of Liability

8.1 Under no circumstances, will we be liable to you in relation to the Tickets including its price, transportation details, seat description, baggage description, time, availability and etc. displayed on our Platform which are provided by the Vessel.

8.2 Under no circumstances, will we be liable to you for any reimbursement or compensation due to Clause 6.2 above.

8.3 Pursuant to Clause 2.2 above, we are not liable for any email delivery failure or non-delivery of order summary (and/or e-ticket) of the Ticket purchased caused by you inter alia entering an incorrect email address or incorrect email settings.

8.4 We shall not be held responsible for the act of Vessel Operator including, but not limited to (i) timely departure or arrival of the transportation; (ii) the conduct of Vessel’s employees, representatives or agents; (iii) the condition of the Vessels such as seats etc. that is not being up to your expectation; (iv) cancellation of the trip and/or Ticket due to any reasons; (v) changing of seating for any reason whatsoever; (vi) changing of pick up/drop off point whether with or without any notification to you or us; and/or (vii) use of a different type of vehicle by Vessel Operator to transport you from one point to your destination.

8.5 Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal nor any of its employees warrant that the functions contained in this website will be uninterrupted or error-free. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of this website is with you. In no event will Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal be liable to you for any damage, including, but not limited to, service interruptions, or any other circumstances beyond our reasonable control, any lost profits, lost savings or other incidental, consequential, punitive, or special damages arising out of the operation of or inability to operate this website.

8.6 Unless otherwise agreed by the Vessel Operator on the request of refund of Tickets, Jesselton Point shall not be liable for the refund of the Tickets to you. In the event the Vessel Operator has agreed to refund the Ticket price to you, you are prohibited from claiming the same refund from us.

8.7 We shall not be held liable and responsible for any sanctions, penalties and fines as a result of the Passenger failure to comply with the applicable laws and regulations.

8.8 Without prejudice to what is set out in these terms, our liability is limited and excluded to the maximum extent permitted by law, such as for personal injury and death. We shall not be liable for any losses or damages, whether direct or indirect, resulting from or connected to your purchase and use of the Tickets, use of our Platform or use of the links on the site, including but not limited to special, incidental, punitive or consequential damages or other economic loss, even if we have been advised of the possibility of loss or damage that may occur. The only available remedy for you is not to purchase the Ticket and/or termination of use of our Platform.

8.9 Without further prejudice to what is set out in these terms, the maximum liability of Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal will be limited to the total amount of Tickets sold.

9. General

9.1 The terms herein stated shall constitute the entire agreement and understanding between you and us on the subject matter thereof, and shall supersede all prior agreements, whether written or oral, between you and us concerning the subject matter thereof.

9.2 The terms herein stated shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the Laws of Malaysia.

9.3 Privacy. You have read and understood our Privacy Policy as stated on our website. By voluntarily submitting your personal data including but not limited your name and contact details to us, you hereby consent and accept the terms of the Privacy Policy.

9.4 We reserve all our rights in corporate names, service marks, logos, trade names, trademarks, websites and domain names and any other intellectual property in relation to Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal or otherwise (collectively “Marks“) and nothing herein grants you the license to use such Marks.

9.5 We reserve our rights to revise, add or remove any parts of the Terms & Conditions (Policy).